something’s crossed over in me & I can’t go back

Ryland was trying to tickle me under my neck and he asks me why my neck feels so wrinkled and I told him it’s just what happens when a person gets older, then I hugged and kissed him good night, closed his door, put on my jacket, got into my car, and drove it off a cliff, Thelma and Louise style, and now I am dead. Only in my case, unlike in Thelma and Louise, I was alone, the cops weren’t chasing me, it wasn’t a cool Thunderbird convertible but a Kia, and the song playing was something by Kesha not an instrumental by hans zimmer.

Life is meaningless and we are all just a masquerade.

Sweet scent of decay

I never write anymore. The drugs have moved on. The days swallowed my youth. How is it I made so many choices and lived so many lives and yet managed to never embrace any one path.

Where it used to be loud now there is silence. You hear nothing, no one, just the scratching at the door. Don’t let it wake you. Be still.

Be still.

You know there will never be quiet. There is only this silence.

I cannot help you.

So sleep.

i miss the noise