Don’t be grody to the max.

I’ve become one of those people…

At the store today, I took Ry to the bathroom. There was one other person in the bathroom, using the stall I like to refer to as the “poop stall”. I don’t know about you but when forced into a public BM, I prefer the luxuriousness of the handicapped stall.

We use the 2nd stall. First Ry, then me. It took us a long time because using a public restroom with a five year old and a newborn, including a giant stroller, a diaper bag, a school bag, a lunch bag & jesus christ a Thousand Other Things, is such a production, epic really.

So at the end of our little off-broadway piece, as we’re washing our hands, the other person comes out of the stall. It’s one of the store employees. I watch her adjust her smock and then I watch her walk out the door, presumably back to work. Without washing her hands.

I know she’s just taken a shit in a busy public restroom and I know she is headed back to work where she will be in contact with lots of people and product.

So we leave the restroom and I see the aforementioned employee bagging groceries at the registers. eeeeewww, right?

Without hesitating I go to customer service and make a complaint to the manager on duty. She seemed somehow offended or burdened by my complaint but dutifully listened. She asked for a description, which I gave. Then ry and I got a scratch ticket while I watched the manager find the employee and take her inside the employees’ room. then I watched the gross, dirty bagger go into restroom, where she may or may not have washed her hands.

But not before already touching a bunch of stuff, other people’s grocery items, getting fecal matter and who knows what all over the place.

So yes. Yes. I am one of those people. Who complain about employees. Who harrass store managers because of my own phobias. Who is obnoxious and full of righteous indignation. I know we’re exposed to all kinds of nasty shite on a regular basis and people the world over don’t wash their hands. I’ve coughed and sneezed without covering my mouth. I’ve used the bathroom without washing my hands before, plenty of times (although not after pooping. I’m a slob not a caveman).

But come on, labor force. If you use a public restroom at work, wash your hands after. Especially after you poop. And especially if there are customers in the bathroom who can see you not washing your hands. At least give me the illusion that you’re clean. Please. So I don’t have to lie awake at night obsessing over the sundry of germs & other icknesses of our biological world; all of it lying in wait to hurl themselves into my mouth and my eyes and my nose and my ears and god knows where else.

This reminds me of the movie I watched on Halloween, drag me to hell. It had some of the best grossest awesomest scenes of disgusting things getting puked or shoved or sucked into the girl’s mouth and/or nose. You should watch it.

our halloween family

some pics from halloween.

ry was a pirate.



the baby didn’t go out, but he was a monkey.

my little monkey

my little monkey

gordon was a… umm… a pirate/tobias/liberace/vincent price/weird gay guy hybrid.

I'm sexy, yah?

I'm sexy, yah?

ryland picked my “costume” which was a purple wig and some blue eye makeup. He said I looked pretty. awwww. I love my kids.

a pirate and his treasure.