When you look in her eyes & all you see is your mom

I make fun of G all the time for being a mama’s boy.

I think it’s safe to say that ry’s future significant other will do the same to him. Ry just gave me a hug today and whispered in my ear, “mom when I’m older we can get married sometime.”

awwww isn’t that the sweetest? he has no idea what marriage means just that he loves me and being married in his mind means that he loves me. awww. it’s so cute. I’m gonna marry my boy!

happy new year to all my loyal loafers. see ya next year!

2 tips for you in the waning days of 09

Tip 1: the wii games that Target has for $15, the ones they have on display near the registers, are all lame. There’s a reason they’re so cheap. don’t waste your money, even just fifteen dollars of it.

Tip 2: the Braintree barnes & nobles is crappy. the one at the pru is loads better and has so many awesome things. parking sucks but that’s your problem to figure out not mine.