my little bug is four!

happy bday ry!

sure it’s his birthday, but today is about me. I mean, it’s about him, sure, in that he’s the result of everything I did. so see? it’s about me. besides, he had his day in the sun on saturday, with presents and cakes and songs.

I always get super nostalgic on his birthday. I’ve been poring over old videos & pictures, which annoys g to no end. he thinks I live in the past too much. whatever.

Most of the early days are not easily accessible, but I do have everything I’ve posted on the internets throughout his little life so far. It’s comforting to see how much he’s changed, and yet how he’s exactly the same.

These are some videos I found on loafe. Not quite sure when these took place, he looks to be about a year and a half or so:
Lunchtime. this is my favorite. I’ve watched it 100000 times in the last month. I love it when he crinkles his face.
-before he started talking he would point at things and say “eeee?
here he’s getting a kick out of throwing dirt in the tunnel.

I had a big old sentimental sappy post all ready for today, but now I don’t really feel like it. I think I’m going to write him a private letter and he can open when he’s old, like me.

I will say this though. four years went by in the blink of an eye. four crazy rollercoaster years. ry continues to be the best thing I’ve ever done. as we start in on year five, I’m starting to think that will never change. Is that good or bad?

3 thoughts on “my little bug is four!

  1. celly belly

    I think its awesome! a mom is probably something I am never going to get to be, oh well…. i’m 36 with a cat, close enough, right? anyway, happy b-day, little guy!

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