I bought a gold medal to give out to the best olympic haiku. I received all of two.

you people make me sick.

I did get other haikus though. go read go read.

you people make me so happy with your haiku participation.

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2 thoughts on “THANKS FOR THE HAIKUS!

  1. gina

    I don’t like haiku. I know, I know. But, I am not good at it and I don’t like things I’m not good at. Because, it’s all about me. Me, me, me.

    Dude. I hate the olympics. So boring. Ryan was actually watching the trampoline competition last night. The trampoline? Come on!

  2. PA Michelle

    Yay! I get the olympic gold loafe medal in haikus.

    I seen part of the trampoline thing on the Olympics last night and it made me think of the Stupid Man Show that part with girls on trampolines. I figured there were some guys somewhere who were thrilled they were airing this during prime time.

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