come bleed with me

I forgot how good street spirit is. I love “rediscovering” awesome songs.

so I’m wondering something about the women athletes in the olympics. do you think they get breast reductions or something? because I am really amazed at how every single one of them has no breasts. maybe a few of them have a kleenex or two folded up over their nipples or something, but they certainly don’t have normal sized breasts. I can’t believe that every single elite athlete in the world is flat-chested. There has to be competitive talented winning athletes who have boobs, right? RIGHT?

I am definitely feeling olympic fatigue though. yes indeed. isn’t it over with already? enough with the running and the jumping and swimming and flags and the tears and the stories and the anthems and the medal counts and the stupid chinese with their stupid winning. I’m tired of watching people be all active and shit.

ry’s birthday is tomorrow. I am going to celebrate my awesomeness in both making him and birthing him and raising him. he’s a swell kid. I am going to eat a lot of cake to commemorate his swellness. I also ate a lot of cake on saturday, when we had our little party for him, and he got his bike and some toys and books. It was a small party, you can’t even really call it a party, because he has no friends. and also, because I don’t like big deal birthday parties, as it’s all a bunch of annoying people being annoying. we did have some balloons though, and we had fun and I gotta say, I love that freaking kid. I am probably going to give him up for adoption next week, but still, he’s pretty goddamned cute.

four years ago we were helping vikas and michelle with their new house, and by “helping” I mean I was walking around all miserable and fat and feeling constipated. so not much different than say, today. except for I’m not constipated.

Also: I forgot how good fillmore jive is, too.

3 thoughts on “come bleed with me

  1. me

    nope. boobs are mostly fat. elite = no fat. your average, non-olympic athlete = some fat so some boob. unless you’re talking tennis, serena williams has some serious boobs.

  2. DG

    I think women should have a bladder installed in each breast at some time in their life so that they can inflate their breasts to show if they are in the mood or if they need a particular size that looks best with a certain “look” they are trying to achieve… then everyone would be happy.

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