magazines are not just for pooping.

Riding home from the grocery store, Ry sees me flipping through a magazine I had picked up at the checkout. He says to me, very concerned, “Mommy you can’t read that! You’re not on the potty!”

It seems I only read magazines while on the potty. To read one anywhere else goes against everything ry understands of the world.

I wasn’t lying when I said I can’t even take a shit without an audience.

4 thoughts on “magazines are not just for pooping.

  1. gina

    This reminds of that picture I took of Aidan pooping at the beginning of potty training – he was flipping through a J. Crew catalog like he gave a crap – it’s just what you do on the potty…

  2. DG

    I was looking at flickr…you are pretty…we all tell you so…and your nostrils are fine and you are not scary…

  3. celly belly

    US Weekly is totally the best toilet reading material, i’ve found atleast. I have a bunch stacked up on the back of my toilet.

    So everyone who reads this must go see the best movie BY FAR, this year, ‘Elagy’ it actually made me respect Penelope Cruz as an actress and I never thought that would happen. Next its on to, Vicki Cristina Barcelona! whatever would I do without my movies?

    Oh and i’m a blonde now, Christa! PLATINUM! blonde hair, big boobs AND a tan. Oh my, i’m a walking friggin sterotype. Ai..yi..yi… i’ve got to stop lounging around this damn pool and go back to being pasty white like everybody else in Seattle. When you’re unemployed, what else is there to do though? lounge around the pool and read US Weekly on the toilet.
    Although that is all coming to an end, as I have just gotten a job.

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