the 33rd olympiad.

or whatever it is. off in china. you know.

the last time the summer olympics were on, I had just had ryland. we spent the majority of our long long nights watching it. me and him. mostly me, as his face was permanently attached to my boob. night after night I’d sit in my chair or on the couch, feeding ryland, feeling sad and happy and tired and awake, watching the athletes do their thing. it was a crazy time and very emotional and I have such warm feelings about it all. I miss those days. They were hard, but I miss them. I loved our little apartment in tucson, and I loved sitting in the dark with Ry feeding him and just feeling like I’d done something right, watching pole vaulters or swimmers or divers or whoever was on, and it was nice and cool in our place and so quiet and I felt like no one else in the world was awake.

the olympics though, they are kind of boring.

here is a funny entry I wrote about the winter olympics two years ago.

I’m allowed to think I’m funny right? or is that kind of a douchebag asshole thing? I suppose it is, but truth is, I don’t fucking care. because I think I’m hilarious and that’s good enough for me.

4 thoughts on “the 33rd olympiad.

  1. michelle

    no, actually i was thinking of that very entry the other day. can you make up more stories about the athletes? that was hilarious.

  2. DG

    Yes you are very funny, and yes funny is good.
    Did you see the openining last nite? My god, what a spectacle! It was very sweet.

  3. christa Post author

    I love any excuse to use the word douchebag these days. it’s such an awesome word.

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