raspberry collins = chatty cathys

We went out for cocktails yesterday after work, and I drank some drinks. raspberry collins. mmm. Anyway, they made me super chatty, a little bit more than buzzed and little bit less than drunk. hence the 75 loafe entries.

I like getting free alcohol on a random tuesday night.

7 thoughts on “raspberry collins = chatty cathys

  1. Tiffany

    Mmmmmm, raspberry collins. None of the ones I’ve ordered since, have come close to the ones we got @ El Charro.

  2. celly belly

    I’ve had a Tom Collins before, but never a Raspberry Collins, sounds yum! well, I went all out on my b-day and got loaded on French 75’s. These are the most delicious cocktails I have ever had. Thank God for the IHOP around the corner, for my post drinking, breakfast binge :-) I also like Gimlets, which are bascially Mojito’s, but only less pretentious.

  3. christa Post author

    I don’t like mojitos.

    I hope you had a swell bday, CB. I will try this french 75 you speak of, as I am currently in love with all things french. well, all things REAL french, not french canadian.

    and you’re right Tiffany… I have yet to have one as delicious as the one at el charro. but me thinks it was the company as much as the actual drink.

  4. gina

    yeah – i think mojitos taste like cologne with a squirt of toothpaste in them.

    i bet i’d like the raspberry collins thing. maybe i will order one this weekend. can i order a raspberry collins and they will know what i’m talking about at most places? or will the bartender act like i’m making it up? i have little bar ordering confidence.

    did you get that “oh crap, i talked way too much and found myself way too funny last night” kind of feeling? me+3 drinks = that

    btw, did you know that GOB was on season 4 of the sopranos? he was the undercover FBI girl’s husband. it was weird.

  5. christa Post author

    I get that “i talked way too much and found myself way too funny last night” kind of feeling all the time, drinks or not. did you not read my 75 loafe posts? or any other loafe post I ever wrote, ever? clearly, I talk way too much and find myself way too funny and/or amusing and/or clever and/or interesting. I’m okay with that though.

    I forgot about GOB being on the sopranos. that was a long time ago, god. I watched the sopranos real time, yo. season four was what, 19 years ago?

  6. Tiffany

    Gina, it’s basically the same as a Tom Collins, but with raspberry puree. If the bar doesn’t have raspberry puree, they might sub a little raspberry flavored vodka. Blueberry collins are also REALLY good.

  7. celly belly

    Well, EVERYBODY is about the mojito around here. It’s disgustingly popular now. UGH! I liked its minty, crisp, freshness though. I’m not exactly sure what all goes into a French 75, although I know atleast one of the ingredients is champagne and they serve it to you in a martini glass, with a curly Q lemon peel floating on top. Yummylicious! if such a word existed. Thats what they are. I feel so Sex & the City when I drink them. Minus the $500.00 Minola Blaniks and swingin, Manhattan lifestyle.

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