my TV is now tainted with the lameness that is wrestling. i won’t go into details, but I must burn it tomorrow, and smash it. burn it and smash it and drop it into the hot liquid from the terminator 2 movie, where they lower the governor of the california.

also: paper planes is now top selling on itunes cause of pineapple express preview. unfair unfair!

also: I want to see pineapple express.

also: also.

2 thoughts on “also…

  1. michelle

    it looks like darryl from the office is in pineapple express, so that makes me automatically interested in seeing it. i know, i’m lame.

  2. celly belly

    GO see ‘Elegy’, which is a small independant flick coming out this Friday with Penelope Cruz, Dennis Hopper, Ben Kingsley, Patricia Clarkson. Great cast, great story. Need I say more? it’s only playing at one little independant movie house here in Seattle, but if you can find it in your hometown, definitely put it on your “to go see” list. ELEGY!

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