why do I say dirty things?

I want people to stop finding my site by searching for “my son and I have sex”. I don’t even remember what I said to make loafe.com pop up when searching for sex with your son, but I am sorry for it.

there is no incest or son sex here! NONE! go away! we don’t condone or approve or accept that! we abhor it! it’s not okay, go away go away! don’t have sex with your children! you sick dirty freaks! seriously. SERIOUSLY. go away! leave this place. you dirty us with your dirty searches. go, go now. don’t come back.

shame to you and your house. not all fantasies are okay. not all dirty is sexy. go go!

One thought on “why do I say dirty things?

  1. FlipX

    Of course, this has just raised your rank in results for the search string “incest son sex dirty children”.

    Just sayin’. :o\

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