oh boy

some pretty exciting news here at loafe. we’ve managed to crack the case of the missing loafe entries, from early 2000 to 2003. I have to sort of reorganize them and update the links, but for the zeros and zeros of you hoping to go back and chew on some old loafe, you will be able to do so very soon.

you know what you can access? my really cheesy, embarrassing posts from the diaryland days. I don’t suggest you go read them, but I have provided a link all the same. because I guess I do want you to go read them. this was from mid to late 1999. I was approximately 12-years-old. I was charming and sweet in a very grating obnoxious uncomfortable sort of way.

Not a whole lot has changed in the intervening years.

6 thoughts on “oh boy

  1. DG

    You where charming and sweet.. hence the hook I have , noy like now where you are sophisticated, complex, rude, funny , cruel, and many other cosmopolitan describing adjectives.. and yes sometimes charming and sweet!!

  2. celly belly

    Thats the time that I knew you best. God love ya!
    I will never forget those couple months we spent living together behind the orange curtain.
    Or the phonesex you used to do.
    Damn you were good at that.
    good times.
    and the threesome with John.
    Whatever happened to that guy? did you actually tell me he got married???
    Werent you working at Pier 1 during that time? if I remember correctly.
    Thats where you got all those great candles.
    Which I dont think you actually paid for.
    Bad girl!
    and I was dating Devin.
    Oh we had a threesome with him too.
    I almost forgot.
    In fact, the very next night.
    Talk about sluts.
    Anyhooz, you were and always will be a character! in the truest, best sense of the word.
    Remember our trip to SF? and the sex club?
    Ooh, that was groce and you were drunk and they didnt want to let you in.
    Oh God, thats right, we went dancing at Polly Esther’s, beforehand, remember that friggin place? and you got shitfaced on Brady Bunch Punch.
    ai..yi..yi…. yes, i’m admitting that out loud.
    I used to go to Polly Esther’s.
    It was hip for like 10 minutes back in the late 90’s.
    I will not be made to feel ashamed.
    Ahhhhhhhh….. the good ol’ days, before motherhood and grown up shit, like jobs and responsibility.
    Well, on your end anyway.
    I am going to stay the Samantha for the rest of my life.
    No domestication in this girls future.

  3. celly belly

    Oh yeah, diaryland.com, you turned me onto them. I would be scared to go back and read my entires from than. They were all filled with drunken, sexcapades from my 20’s.

  4. christa Post author

    CB, your stories of such tawdry sexcapades are making me look like a not exactly charming and sweet 12-year-old and instead a dirty slutty dysfunctional maniac.

    which is closer to the truth, sure, but since when are we so interested in being truthful around here?

    man, those are some crazy memories, CB. I tried accessing your old diaryland but it doesn’t turn up anymore. you should go login and turn them back on, I would LOVE to read those.

    remember that big old fat guy in SF at the sex club, walking around with clothespins on his nipples and asking us to pinch him harder? EEEEEEEK. I decided right then and there I was much too tame for the world of naughty sex. I’m vanilla like that.

    But I bet you’ll get married before me. sure I had the kid first (thanks to my naturally slutty ways) but you’re gonna hitched before me.

    devin. HA. I totally forgot all about him. okay let’s stop talking about this stuff now, I’m starting to get embarrassed.

  5. celly belly

    I thought slutty was in right now, sorry Christa.
    Yes, of course I remember fat, clothes pins, guy.
    There werent enough showers you could take to wash that place off of yourself afterwards.
    and I dont think it’s tameness that keeps us from that lifestyle, its just plain ol’ good taste.
    I mean, you DO remember what those people looked like, dont you?
    Didnt exactly go along with the fantasy I had built up in my mind, ya know?

  6. celly belly

    Oh and so far as the getting hitched part. I dont see that happening, EVER!!! hell, i’m turning my wedding dress into a Halloween costume this year. Bride of Frankenstein. I think i’m meant to be the Samantha in this life.

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