if you give a mouse a cookie…

then you’re also going to have to get her a new ipod to more appropriately digest the cookie.

cause her current ipod, purchased sometime in the Carter administration, only holds about 18GB worth of music and since the cookie is so big and chewy and awesome, she needs an ipod that is able to hold more than 18GB of music. cause see, her music needs to be lossless, to fully expose the true gamut of deliciousness the cookie can offer.

I don’t even know what I’m saying here other than my lousy ipod isn’t big enough to hold my music. this acquiring of expensive things is a slippery slope indeed.

4 thoughts on “if you give a mouse a cookie…

  1. celly belly

    You’re talking Ipod’s and I just barely went from tapes to cd’s. ai..yi..yi… I still walk around with my big ol’ yellow walkman with the duct taped headphones and my portable cd player, which skips thru every friggin song. I am SO behind the times. I still have my cassette tapes though. I cant bring myself to throw them away. I keep them in those Ziploc freezer bags. Me so crazy! okay, I have a cellphone and I have a laptop, thats enough technology for me. I still want a Wii for my b-day though, Christa, okay? make sure you send it Fed Ex so it gets here in time, thanks! oh and I have a digital camera, only I dont know how to work it or how to get the pics from the camera onto the computer. I need to be living in 1984…. FOREVER!!!

  2. celly belly

    Oh and i’m going to see Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, Part Deuce and nobody can stop me, damnit!

  3. DG

    CB, from experiance… those little pads on the spring thingie that supports the tape decay with age.. lost many a tape to that…

  4. christa Post author

    cb, you are the people I make fun on on the train. you poor sad woman.

    of course, I can’t get rid of my tapes either, I have them in zippies as well, packed away in boxes, and I get bitched at every time I move, “why do I have all these stupid cassettes?” which is true why do I keep them? I never ever listen to them. I don’t even have a player anymore, I used to keep them so I could listen to them in my car, the good old cavalier, but that car is long gone.

    actually I did get rid of all my regular album cassettes, cause I have them on CDs, but I kept all my mixed tapes and my compilations and all the tapes I made from recording shit off the radio, which is my favorite thing in the world. also I have interviews with radiohead and umm, someone else I can’t remember, that I recorded off the radio.

    I mailed off your Wii today. enjoy!

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