I am such a good american


I have a shiny new fancy pants water bottle made of pixie dust from swiss faeries & the salty yet sweet tears of pretty, rich, blond, blue-eyed swiss babies.

Or you know regular old aluminium. But I think it’s the tears & pixies, based on the price. But I do my part to help the (swiss) economy and stay hip.

2 thoughts on “I am such a good american

  1. celly belly

    The only problem I have with it, it’s not pink.

    So i’m just curious, are there any other Bettp Boop fanatics out there, like me? I cant stop collecting BB stuff. AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! I think I was Betty Boop in a past life, even though she wasnt a real person, just a drawing.
    Go to Google and type in Betty Boop, it’s overwhelming.
    I think I need a support group.

  2. christa

    yeah but they have pink ones. if you can find them. apparently these bottles are all the rage, what with the news stories about plastic water bottles deadly plastic.

    as far as betty boop… well I can’t help you there. you’re on your own there, cb.

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