jesus loves fireworks and hot dogs. and me.

it’s rainy and wet and crappy here on the jolly old 4th. take that america! you suck! even mother nature thinks so! go blow some fireworks, losers.

ryland did ride a big kid bike for the first time today… albeit a girl’s one. but he’s totally okay with it.


totally okay.

his dad, not so much. when g said we’d go get him a nice big boy bike, a cool red or black one, ry said, “no, pink! we get a pink one.” ha!

I wonder though, why does liking pink somehow insinuate you are gay, even at age four?

11 thoughts on “jesus loves fireworks and hot dogs. and me.

  1. DG

    When you get the blue boys bike hell forget all about Pink,
    Speaking about Pink, did you know that Linda Perry writes songs for Pink??

  2. Marianne

    G doesn’t want Ry to get a pink bike because there is nothing more lame than matching father and son bikes and G is not about to give up his pretty!

  3. morgan

    Hopefully he gets too big for that bike before he gets to grade school. Boys with pink bikes get their asses kicked. Trust me.

  4. gina

    Aidan was carrying my purse at the “old folks home” where my grandma lives. Nobody there cared :)

  5. christa

    he likes pink! he does like carrying a bag too. it’s cute. but he won’t wear a dress and he at first said “I can’t ride that bike mom, it’s for girls” but I convinced him it was okay.

    everyone keeps asking him “what color bike do you want?” and now he says “pink!” and everyone says “oh no you can’t get pink!” which annoys me, because he can so get pink if he wants. stop telling my kid he can’t like a pink bike, you jerks.

    but this getting beat up thing distresses me. I might have to step in and get a non-pink bike just to avoid the problem. morgan knows from knowing.

  6. jonathan

    Seriously, way to gay up your kid there, Joan Crawford. Why not just tattoo a penis on his cheek pointing towards his adorable little mouth?

  7. christa

    that isn’t his bike you know. he was riding on a little friend’s bike.

    I promise we won’t get him a pink girl’s bike. I promise.

  8. brasten

    Just send the kids to martial-arts lessons for a couple years. There’s nothing funnier than seeing a bunch of bullies totally laid-out by someone they thought they could pick on. Especially when they get off a pink bike before dishing out the pain.

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