july 1st

and you know what that means! free agency period! it’s a time of great excitement and drama. it’s summer, it’s hot, no one is thinking about hockey. but I am! all you can do is hope your team gets someone good without having to give up anything. at least that’s what I’m hoping for, I wouldn’t mind Hossa but at what price? who will we have to give up? I love my b’s just as they are; now if they would just play better, we really could be the best sports city in all of the world.

you don’t care, but I forgive you. you know not what you do.

I watched some kind of big european sports contest deal over the weekend, which was fun and exciting enough, but I do not know the rules of soccer/futbol/whatever you wanna call it, and I imagine if I knew the rules and the strategies of the game I would like it very much. so I think that if more people understood hockey, which can be a complicated game to watch, it would be more popular.

I used someone else’s hand cream this morning and now I think I’m going to throw up. it’s very strong and perfumey and is giving me a headache.

3 thoughts on “july 1st

  1. Marianne

    You know, most people think of things like picnics, fireworks and swimming around July 1st. God, Madrid, you are such a fucking nerd!

  2. christa

    eh. picnics fireworks and swimming = bor-ring.

    but the bruins signing michael freaking ryder to a 3-year deal is muy exciting! another hab becoming a bruin. I don’t know what to think. and we lost metro! I mean, I’m not crying in my bed heartbroken, but I liked him. a lot.

    I can’t wait for october!

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