I’m always late to the game

So I wanted to join a CSA but all the shares for any of the farms I am interested in are sold out for the 2008 growing season. ARGH. I’ve been wanting to do this forever now, but I kept waiting/forgetting, and when I finally got around to it/remembered, of course it’s too late. story of my fricking life. watch as christa shoots herself in the foot yet again! will this never end? will she ever learn?

But short of owning my own farm, I can’t think of a better idea than a CSA, can you? You should check it out for your area. And if you can’t get involved in a CSA, there are other options. That local harvest web site is a good place to start. I’m still looking into a few other CSA possibilities, but there are plenty of other resources for finding locally, sustainably grown food (note: don’t think whole foods is the answer. whole foods is part of the problem).

Many of the CSAs are organic farming, but I’ve learned that local does not always equal organic, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Organically grown food is no longer what it used to be, as the word organic now belongs to the government. In my opinion, it’s time to focus on locally grown food, because the practice goes beyond organic. You support your community, you help small farms, you eat the way the nature intended, food is fresher and tastier, AND you help minimize your carbon footprint (what the fuck good is an organic banana if it’s from goddamned ecuador and you live in Boston?).

I am hoping this post doesn’t come off as being all superior and righteous, because that isn’t my intention. I found the local harvest web site to be incredibly useful and I wanted to share. And I think that if we all make an effort, no matter how minute it may seem, we can make a difference. it’s the little things that add up. small steps add up to big gains.

I’m trying. that’s all I can do. That’s all anyone can do.

I am a goddamned PSA today, huh?

For lunch today four of us walked over cafe podima and got frozen yogurt. I got strawberry banana. It was delicious. it comes in styrofoam cup though. with plastic spoon. maybe I could bring my own bowl next time, use my own regular spoon? maybe I should just not eat frozen yogurt.

okay okay now that’s just crazy talk. frozen yogurt is a necessary part of life.

hey, tonight is kickboxing. It’s my fourth class, and I must say, it’s been a lot of fun and given me many a sore muscle as well as newfound confidence. now if I can just stop stuffing my face with junk food 24-7, I will be all set.

After lunch I had a very lovely chat with a very old friend. thanks old friend! you did good.

I think I’m liking wednesdays. kickboxing after work, later on gordon’s out to hockey, tomorrow is thursday, my favorite day. good stuff, these weds.

ooohh, speaking of good stuff. I have SUCH a crush on my doctor. I can’t believe how cute he is. he’s very soft and gentle and sweet, and he seems like he really cares, he actually listens to you when you talk and doesn’t rush you out of the office. He smiles, he’s open and warm, he is comforting. I love him.

you know who he looks like? the guy from the show eli stone, he looks just like that guy.

I keep trying to find things wrong with me so I can see him. All the nurses giggle over how cute he is, but not because he’s this totally hot doctor with a hot body, because he’s not, but more because he is sweet and kind and seems like he loves his mother very much, but not in a weird creepy annoying mama’s boy way. He is a harvard-trained doctor, young, super smart, yet he seems so innocent and pure. He had to touch my bare feet last night (cause of my foot issues of late), and I passed out from pleasure of those soft hands rubbing and pushing and caressing, as he looked in my eyes… I must admit I was a little embarrassed when I woke up and he asked why I had my hands down my pants. I told him I dropped a quarter. He believed me.

talk about someone I’d like to sully.

6 thoughts on “I’m always late to the game

  1. jonathan

    You should try something subtle to let him know how you feel. Like, invite him to a scavenger hunt over at your house & then have the only item on the list be “Christa’s Vagina.”

    Or tell him you’re interested in getting to know him outside of the office. And outside of his clothes.

    Or wait, this one never fails… ask him if he has a little Hispanic in him… and then ask if he would LIKE a little Hispanic in him. Wait, that one only makes sense if you have a penis. Or you’re planning on fisting him.

  2. brasten

    Locally-grown food is awesome. We have a couple farmers’ markets nearby that we try to use whenever possible. We haven’t yet gotten in on a CSA, though my parents do that and they love it. :-)

  3. DG

    The CSA site is very interesting,ill check it out.
    As far as the doctor, I had a crush on my doctor for about 12 hrs after he probed my prostate… and I am not gay!! I am not!!

    You should order Gordon to wait in a van (stolen), and help you kidnap him and chain him to a wall in your house for a whole weekend!!!

  4. Tonya

    have you read “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” by barbara kingsolver? a great book about locally grown food!

  5. christa

    thanks for your suggestions jonathan, I will take them into consideration. maybe I’ll just email him “wanna fist?”

    HI TONYA!! I’ve been meaning to email you but I’m lame and all that, so I haven’t. I want to read that book, what’s funny is just yesterday at lunch we talked about that book, someone else recommended it to me. I guess she doesn’t live in tucson anymore though. that’s too bad. hope ben is doing well. I bet he’s graduating from college now.

  6. gina

    I checked this out, they have it in Lynchburg. I think it would be a good way to “make” me eat more vegetables and stuff. Kind of expensive for just me though – even the half share. But, I may do it. I’ve never even heard about it.

    See, I knew you were a hippie the first time I saw you! It was those Birkenstocks you were wearing.

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