oh, for crying out loud…

Okay, I know this and I’ve known it for quite some time: the problem is Americans. Our culture, how we were raised, the way we operate. We can’t get out of our own way.

We think that ridiculously cheap gas prices isn’t a privilege or luxury but a GOD GIVEN RIGHT. I just read this story on boston.com and it amazes me. This quote especially:

“I know they could kill me or kidnap me, but the cost of filling my tank in the United States is just too much,” he said.

This guy lives in California and is probably paying somewhere around $4.50 or so per gallon. Let’s say his big old truck is a 25 gallon tank. I have no idea really, but that seems good. That means this numbskull thinks it’s okay to take advantage of an extremely poor country’s government policies, services and resources for his own selfish needs. Oh and at the same time, places the value of his own life and/or freedom somewhere around $115. Wow. I mean really…just wow. And tell me, how much gas does it cost him to drive there and back? How much gas does he burn sitting in the typically long wait to get back into the US? What is he spending for food and drink on these little excursions?

I bet this same m-effer abhors the influx of mexicans who come to america to take advantage of OUR governmental policies, social services and resources. But how is his behavior any different? It’s so much worse. This is why the rest of the known universe hates us… typical american behavior, use, abuse, abandon. Personally, I’ve never had a problem with all the immigrants, legal or otherwise, maybe because I grew up in Tucson and I like all the mexicans, they make me feel all warm and gooey. The way I see it, you can’t strut around proclaiming to be the greatest country in all the world, tirelessly promoting yourself as a land of greath wealth and opportunity, and then not expect people to want to live here.

But I digress. Immigration is a topic for another time. I’m all fired up about this gas business.

What is the purpose of this Reuters news story? To encourage more people to do this? To discourage them? To highlight the shittiness of our country? call attention to the morons who live here? showcase the drug problem in mexico? drive a point home about the chances honest, godfearing hardworking americans are willing to take to avoid paying more for gas? fill me with rage and fear?

I wrote an entry a few weeks ago over how tired I was of hearing about the price of gas and all of the complaining. the people, the media, everyone. kind of “shut the fuck up already will you” type of thing. yeah, gas is costly. It SHOULD be costly. Deal with it. stop driving so much, and just goddamned deal with it. That’s what I wanted to say. But I didn’t post it, because I felt maybe it wasn’t fair of me, I don’t really know what other households are going through or how the economy is affecting them. Everything is more expensive, but when you’re as continually broke as I am, it doesn’t really make a difference. I go to work, I get my check, I make do, and we all live to see another day. but maybe that’s because I have it easy, maybe that’s because, all things considered, I have it pretty damn good. So I didn’t post it, because I didn’t want to seem like an asshole.

But if the media wants to continue running these kinds of stories and the american people are going to continue acting like fuckheads, well, we all deserve what we get. So take that america! loafe is fed up! you hear me? LOAFE IS FED UP!

that’ll show em.

you know, it kinda feels like we’re putting all our eggs in obama’s basket and if he screws up, boy am I gonna be mad. You better not lose this, buddy! and you better follow through!

B.O. probably reads loafe, right?

18 thoughts on “oh, for crying out loud…

  1. brasten

    An interesting question would be — what policy of Obama’s leads you to believe that he’ll fix the energy prices and is thus worthy of all your eggs?

    I don’t quite make the connection between high energy prices and needing Obama to win. :-)

  2. DG

    I see dependent people basing their hopes and wants and dreams… love, property…home…family… retirment and possesions based on marketing from greed based corporations and shows like “sex in the City” I used to think that way when I was impressionable and miserable.. now at 6 years alcohol and drug free I think for myself and am much less miserable.

  3. DG

    The economy is bigger than any one man or party….blaming the president on the economy is almost superfluous.

  4. brasten

    I love you guys. ;-)

    I enjoy the way Obama’s energized young voters to get involved.

    I fundamentally disagree with him on almost every level, of course. But I’m in no way saying McCain would do any better!

  5. Tiffany

    Hey, what the hell is wrong with “Sex AND the City”???????? I happen to love that show and I saw the movie twice. In fact, I might even go see it AGAIN with my fabulous, new haircut. :o)

  6. julie chamberlain

    It is really interesting watching american politics from our side of the big pond..don’t really understand what all the fuss is about..you either want the war mongering Mccain in or america wants to do something really radical and put a thinking educated black american in charge…yippee for change!! But if you think he can create any quick fixes to the current economic crisis you are going to be sadly mistaken..it took ten years for our government to change Thatcher’s crippling policies only to find we in the UK are heading that way again..at least this time the inflation rate is only 3.3% not 16% which is was when she finally went!!
    Brasten – vote Obama..anybody has got to be better than what you have got!!

  7. brasten

    Hey Julie —

    I find it fascinating how people on your side of the pond feel they have the right to tell Americans how to vote!

    You recommending I vote for Obama indicates that you have little understanding of the deep disagreements in philosophy between classical Liberals (American conservatives) and collectivists (American Democrats). While I admire Obama’s intelligence and character, I would be betraying MY intelligence and character in supporting his collectivist agenda.

    On the other hand, in terms of practical policy differences, Obama and McCain are essentially identical. So I will not vote for McCain, either.

    But thanks for your suggestion! :-)

  8. Simon Higgins

    Hey Brasten

    The rest of the world finds it equally ‘fascinating’ how one country can wield so much power and influence over the rest of us.

    US economic and foreign policy decisions have such global ramifications that we should all get to vote.

    It’s a shame for Zimbabwe that it has no oil huh?

  9. Simon Higgins

    And as for gas, US drivers don’t pay the highest rate in the world for gas, far from it, they pay the 108th highest rate in the world for gas. 108th!

    Simon is also fed up.

  10. julie

    Hi brasten
    okay point taken…didn’t mean to offend you by suggesting who you should vote for, that is always down to an individuals choice anyway. What we get here is an overview of america’s run off process..still don’t profess to understand it..are there any other parties other than the republicans and democrates? Seems an odd way of voting for a president..especiallly as you haven’t had an election yet!!

    Should think issues like education. public health and a floundering economy are pretty high up on the agenda when it comes to voting your next government..would you like ours they seem to be making a major cock-up right now too!!

    Perhaps we could just hibernate till it is all over!!

  11. brasten

    Simon –

    Your points are true enough; I don’t believe I was suggesting otherwise. Your solution/conclusion is just plain silly, of course.

    Julie –

    Thank you! There are no other major political parties. There is the Green Party which represents more of the true democratic-socialist left, and the Libertarian Party which represents more of the true Classic Liberalism right… unfortunately neither party can get past the road-blocks set up by the two dominate parties. This is sad, because America could really use a Green/Libertarian policy debate right now instead of the name-calling-essentially-identical Center-Left/Center-Right crap.

    I can only really speak for my side I s’pose, the but homophobic moral-majority war-hawk neo-Conservative Republican Party in no way represents the true spirit of American Conservatism. Just because there isn’t a major political party truly representing conservatism doesn’t mean Democratic policies are any less harmful and counter-productive, though. Obama’s heart is in the right place — but the collectivist policies he holds have caused many of the economic problems America faces today and certainly will not help get us out of this mess.

    (I pick on Obama because you all like him, not because I have any affection for McCain’s policies… I really don’t.)

  12. DG

    Simon…Manifest destiny….those words still shout out at me from the history books of 4th grade. The US is the ark of earth , all races creeds and colors live here in a free market society in a nation built on tried and constantly tested laws. All under a form of democracy. It is our MANIFEST DESTINY to employ CJM as our military commander and displace all of the “traditional” societies with our law based free market system. With a “form” of democracy.

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