I need new music

I am sick of the same thousands of songs on my ipod, over and over. they are boring me. but with the exception of one or two artists I’m interested in pursuing, I don’t know what to listen to or buy (read: download for free somewhere).

that being said, isn’t it nice when your randomly shuffling ipod lands on a song perfectly suited to your mood in time & space at that exact moment. it is, it is nice.

today’s sotd isn’t one of those moments, but it’s still a good song. lights go down by basement jaxx.

I am very annoyed and ugly today though. I expect to be annoyed and ugly every tues, wed and thurs, as they hired a design intern for the summer. she’s all tall and skinny and pretty, if you’re into that whole looks like a model thing. whatever. it’s annoying. i hate myself. don’t look at me. shut up. I’m going to bed.

5 thoughts on “I need new music

  1. gina

    Hey, I know what you mean. I need new songs too, but I am too lazy to you know, “explore new artists” and crap. Whatever, guess I will stick with Firefall and Gordon Lightfoot a little while longer.

  2. gina

    Btw, the feds have effectively scared me out of screwing around on the internet at work. Can you believe it? I have made an art out of secretly goofing off on the internet. Ok, gotta go wipe Aidan’s butt.

  3. morgan

    The new REM is pretty darn good. I also have been listening to the new Breeders a lot lately. Those Deal sisters are just so sassy. Also, I think you’d like Black Camaro… it’s a little lo-fi sounding (which might be a turn-off) but it’s good stuff… and of course there’s a great Tucson band called The Monitors. http://www.themonitorsrock.com (shameless plug) Good night today.