encounter in bahia


staring at people, imagining doing all the things i wanna do. what if i went over right now and straddled him? What would he do? Would he wake up? feel alive? do you see? do you see?

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4 thoughts on “encounter in bahia

  1. christa

    the thing is, the person I was looking at wasn’t even attractive. it just some guy, sitting there, all blurry and vague, just like the picture. but I wanted to make him sharp, bring him in focus, give him the world of colors and smells and sounds. not for any real reason but that he was blurry, weak, barely a blip on the register. it’s these unnoticeables that I notice.

    god, i love the train.

  2. DG

    Yes, the train, it brings in to contact the un-connectables. Savor this experience, for it will pass…

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