extreme ways

can I marry jason bourne please?

pleeeeeeeeaaaaase? it’s the only thing I want in life. that’s it. just let me be with him forever & ever, and I will shut up & leave everyone alone for the rest of time. seriously. I will. I promise.

okay how about a song of the day. ummm. signs by crystal method. it’s from the movie signs, one of my most favoritest.

I’m totally addicted to scramble. scramble is boggle on facebook. I’m so peggy hill when it comes to boggle. I keep challenging people to play me and no one will. well a few people do, but not enough. I love that effing game. I don’t have barely any friends on facebook. kind of like real life.


crap vagina, no friends, intimacy issues, my computer tragedy at work…

but feel not sorry for me! thanks to a special lady friend I’m drowning my pain in ‘ceuts. thanks special lady friend!

10 thoughts on “extreme ways

  1. jonathan

    The movie Signs is one of your favorite movies?

    “crap vagina, no friends, intimacy issues, my computer tragedy at work…” ++ HORRIBLE TASTE IN MOVIES.

    This has been a rough week for you, kid.

    P.S., I would play Boggle with you, but only if you promised not to cry when I crushed you with my usual cold & demeaning manner. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a crying woman. It’s like women’s tears are my kryptonite. In fact, if you start crying I’ll probably throw the game just to make you happy.

  2. christa Post author

    that movie is AWESOME.

    you don’t know anything jonathan.

    and seriously, I kick ass at boggle. like, crazy ass. come here, I will show you. and then you will be crying. and I’ll punch you in the nuts and beat you again in boggle and then pour maple syrup on your nuts and then beat you in boggle some more.

  3. jonathan

    Hmmm… part of me is amused at your ridiculous overconfidence, but then part of me is unsettled, threatened even, by your offer to put maple syrup on my nuts. You see, in addition to a woman’s tears, maple syrup on my nuts is ALSO my kryptonite.

    Tell you what, you leave the maple syrup out of it, a clean fair fight & the only Boggle you’ll have to worry about is how mind bogglingly fast I crush your spirits with my complete and utter victory.

    It’s a game about words, woman. You may “kick crazy ass” among your circle of half-wits & ne’er do wells, but you’re not dealing with those idiots now (no offense, Christa’s idiot friends reading this). I’m a GEEN-EE-US. You playing me is like the fastest pitcher in little league going up against Big Papi (I threw in a Boston sports reference to help you understand).

  4. Tiffany

    Don’t worry, J. I figured that’s what it meant, but wanted to be sure. I love your special lady friend. She should give you more ‘ceuts. Maybe she will.

  5. christa Post author

    Yes I love my special lady friend and she’s awesome. and if she gave me more ceuts I’d probably die from gratitude.

    also: I don’t care what you jerks say, Signs is a great fucking movie and if you don’t like it, you are dumb. DUMB.

    and jonathan, I am so ready to take you on. in so many ways. get your boggle hat, because I’m about to embarrass you. no syrup involved.

  6. PA Michelle

    You can start up a game with me on there, I think you may have before but I was too busy with moving and new job and all to pay attention. Now that I’m unemployed (AGAIN!!!) I have tons of time on my hands to play.

  7. jonathan

    Signs was actually on cable last night, so I gave it another chance. I was about to tell you that it was more interesting than I remembered, but then I realized, I wasn’t watching Signs, I was staring out my window as the grass grew.

    Still, way better than Signs. Seriously, I have re-calibrate my sense of self worth if you think I’m entertaining & you think Signs is entertaining.