so I’m back to work today. I was off Wed, Thursday and Friday for the work meetings in Newport, then of course the weekend. and now it’s back to reality monday. but I am in my new office and out of the cube, so that’s awesome. having an office is so much better than not having an office.

I don’t have anything interesting to write about. But I will say this. I never thought I would be happy about philly winning a hockey game, but that’s what happens when they beat the canadiens and take them out of the playoffs. Go philly! those scuzzbuckets are the team I’m rooting for now, as much as it pains me. don’t like dallas, don’t like the penguins. oh, I like detroit though. so detroit is my west conference and the flyers my east. with the red wings taking the cup. that’s how I want it to play out. should the flyers win the cup this year, I will renounce hockey forever.


I am probably going to marry gordon and have a 2nd kid soon. but shh, it’s a secret. don’t tell anyone.

here is what makes me laugh: montreal saying they outplayed philly in the series. HA. outplay this, montreal. outplay this.

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  1. jonathan

    Are you already pregnant? I hope so, I love it when pregnant chicks blog. Their words take on a radiant glow, & then there’s all the vomiting.