oh my shit

my little catcher in the rye… clogging up toilets the world over.

so we’re getting over the whole potty thing, I think. he’s off diapers completely, a happiness too great for words. he pees his pants sometimes still and some nights he pees his bed, but it’s a small price to pay my friends, small indeed. because he doesn’t shit in his pants. not once. too dirty and gross for mister priss. so if he wants to urinate all over himself now and then, as long as I’m not scrubbing feces out of clothes, I’m fine with it.

but christ, did that little effing bastard fight me to the death over this. serious trauma for everyone involved. I don’t know who won. all i know is his shit is where it should be and my money is no longer supporting mountains of diapers in landfills.

I’m currently in the midst of teaching him how to properly pee outside now. it’s the season.

3 thoughts on “oh my shit

  1. DG

    I been holding back for days, but that toilet hole is square….
    Mine is round, like a normal middle class toilet hole.
    My word.

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