cell phone use is permitted in lobby only

This story is all the rage right now in Boston. It’s kind of funny. and a little weird. you’ll see.

little known fact: alex rodriguez is not well-liked by red sox fans.

also a little known fact? gordon makes a silly joke every time he sees a big bird flying around. “look christa, a hawk” and I always say “you’re such a moron. that’s not a hawk.” and he’ll insist it is “yes it’s a hawk, look at those talons!” it’s just a cute little thing we do. so this actual hawk at fenway story, with mention of the talons even, is funny for me personally, because of the inside joke, see. okay, so it’s not really a joke. and it isn’t even funny. let’s move on.

here’s something dumb. At the gym, they have signs in the locker room that say, “as a courtesy to other members, cell phone use is permitted in lobby only.” and on the gym floor, where you exercise and stuff, they also have signs that say, “no cell phone use on gym floor allowed”. the signs aren’t what’s dumb. they don’t bother me, as I don’t care either way when or where people are using their phones. The gym obviously cares and has posted these signs for a reason, so whatever, right? Like I said, I don’t care, I don’t use my phone at the gym so it doesn’t matter to me.

so why does it bother me when I see people using their cell phones in the locker room and on the gym floor? That’s what is dumb. I don’t care they’re using their phones, I truly don’t, yet when they do, when they disregard those signs completely, I get super annoyed and righteous and want to tattle on them to the management. what is wrong with me? I’d understand if their conversations hampered my workout or affected my locker room activities, but they don’t. the crap music the gym blasts at 10000 decibels is more disruptive to my experience than some meatball next to me yammering away on his mobile, so why can’t I just let it go? why do I feel the need to complain to the gym? why do I have to write about it? why why why do I care? there are a thousand other things worth my concern, not fucking cell phones at the gym.

Maybe it’s just the principal of it. My gym has a clearly stated policy, using fancy hard plastic colorful signs no less, and these people feel they are better than everyone else and have the right to ignore those signs, just because they want to. In the few times I’ve used my phone at the gym, I’ve done so in the lobby, respectful of those signs. Because if a bright, official-looking sign says something, then you need to listen!

So that must be what bugs me. These people not listening to the signs. I’m all for rebelling against authority and shit, but what the hell kind of authority is the gym? please. and is your conversation so fuck-all important that it can’t wait till you’re done pretending to lift those 5lbs weights? or primping in the mirror?


well okay then. carry on.

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