Ry on the T


The kid & I rode the subway on sat, we had fun, he loves the train. We went to a toy/book store in harvard square, he got a curious george book & a harmonica, I got a book for a friend. Fascinating stories here at loafe today, kids. Hold onto your socks!

6 thoughts on “Ry on the T

  1. jonathan

    If your true stories about your day to day activities aren’t interesting enough, you should feel free to just make crap up. Literally 90% of the stuff I write about is fiction. Baby? Totally made her up. Stock footage. Wife? FICTION!! I don’t even live in Los Angeles. I’m posting this from my home in Duluth.

  2. jonathan

    Don’t be jealous Morgan – the only truth I’ve ever told on this website has been the constant lamenting of my tiny, tiny penis.

    Even if I COULD dupe some unsuspecting female into sleeping with me, the act would be wholly unsatisfying, and frankly more likely to strengthen the marital bonds of the woman who suffered the experience.

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