my uncle tony can spit real far

fact: strange currencies by rem is one of the greatest love songs of all time.

fact: today’s song of the day is awesome. inn town, by whiskeytown. you won’t like it. whatev.

fact: I want a chocolate egg.

fact: ry is spending the night on sat at his aunt’s house.

fact: I’ll be enjoying easter sunday alone. I think. unless g decides to stay home, but I’m convincing him he needs to go. I don’t need to go because a) easter is dumb, b) it’s not my family and c) I am an adult and I can choose not to participate in dumb holidays with rude, disrespectful people who don’t mind their own business.

fact: I do not “do” easter bunny (or santa or tooth fairy or any other silliness). Yes yes, I am a horrible mother and my son will suffer the worst childhood known to man. again I say: People need to mind their business.

hey do you remember the kids in the hall “it’s a fact” bit? I loved those. I loved that show. canadians are funny. they all seem very gay though. ever notice that? I used to say about goofy people, “he’s either gay or canadian.” it’s funny cause it’s true.

fact: I hate the montreal canadiens. really and truly.

9 thoughts on “my uncle tony can spit real far

  1. gina

    I like the song of the day. I like Whiskeytown. Ryan Adams is on my list of concerts I want to go to. Oh, I am going to see Willie Nelson in July. Are you jealous?

    Yes, I agree all those guys on Kids in the Hall seemed gay. Only one of them is though right? The News Radio guy from that show seems totally gay too.

    I would like to eat a Vanilla Fudge filled Chocolate covered easter egg.

  2. Marianne

    I did eat many little candy coated chocolate easter eggs today. They were yummy.

    Sometimes, I miss Kids in the Hall so much it is a physical agony. And they all did seem gay. I think the actual gay one’s name was Kevin.

    Also, G should go to Easter. It is his family, he has to do the obligatory crappy shit. Just like you have to spend Christmas eve at the bowling alley, he has to spend Easter at whatever craptacular celebration his rotten family has concocted. You are exempt from said craptacularness, they aren’t your family.

  3. mark

    You must hate Les Canadiens because they’re full of us gay Canadians. Typical ‘straight’ American talk … you and your penis-loving vaginas and vagina-loving penises.

  4. Tiffany

    The gay one is Scott Thompson. He was ALWAYS my fave. But, of course, I AM a fruit fly. I even have a “main gay”. It’s awesome!!!!!

  5. DG

    Two memorable skits: The one where they
    are in total servitude to there boss, doing the bosses laundry. Even pre-chewing his food for him!!

    The one where Scott is in the 1950.s is gay and orders a mail order male sex slave from a third world country complete with leather outfit and cap.

    The song was a nice start to the day.
    Family can be a REAL pain in the ass!!

  6. christa

    I didn’t mean to offend, mark, I was really just kidding. about the whole canadian or gay thing. really. I like canadians!

    I don’t like the habs though not one little bit. they are the bane of my existence, crushing my bruins every chance they get. it kills me.

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