sharing is good.

here are two amusing & entertaining sites. the first is probably very well-known, but I was only made aware of it today. if you’ve seen or read about it before, whatever. the 2nd is just a random person that I came across through another random person’s blog, people I don’t know, and I’m sure you don’t know it. whatever.

stuff white people like
after reading this, I understand that I am very extremely white. Kind of related to this is another goofy site (I am particularly fond of the pictures): black people love us! some of the funniest parts of these two sites are the righteous outrage & derisive comments from people.

bubblin’ in dublin
she’s american, I think, living in ireland, I think, and going to school, I think. single, kid-free, living in dublin, going to school. could that be any more of my dream life? could it, could it? I love her like she was me. I’m pretending she’s me. I’m really starting to creep myself out about the whole thing, if you want to know the truth.

One thought on “sharing is good.

  1. gina

    yeah, the stuff white people like is a funny site. i sent it to a number of people. i particularly like the lawyers post and top 10 rap songs white people love.

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