twenty twenty twenty four hours to go

This time of year is one of my favorites, as we close in on the NHL trade deadline. it’s always very exciting, seeing which players get traded, although this year looks to be a bit uneventful. I’d like to see Hossa go back to the Sens. who cares about brad richards though. seriously. and let the stupid leafs keep stupid sundin. seriously. feel free to stay abreast of all trades courtesy tsn. I don’t think my bruins are going to be very active, but we’ll see. we’ll know what’s up by 3pm tomorrow. watch, the b’s will pick up richards. if they do, I’ll have to do some serious ass kicking. seriously.

for those of you who made it through that hockey paragraph, I’d like to reward you with three videos. this first video sums up my family in a nutshell…a more perfect representation does not exist. this was at bath time last night. It makes me laugh so hard I pee in my underwear.

These other two videos are not as funny, but still enjoyable. they are short clips of me and the kid playing in the kitchen. this one features ry doing his favorite: slow motion. the 2nd is him just being cute. yay for videos!

8 thoughts on “twenty twenty twenty four hours to go

  1. christa Post author

    yes you have to install quicktime. love it mother fucker! LOVE IT.

    I think having ry is way more fun than anything, really. he makes me laugh quite a bit.

    yay for laughing!

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