in the throes

Well, it’s finally happened. The headphones have thrown their hands in the air and said enough!

I tried my best to keep them together, gluing them as often as necessary, treating them gently, stretching their usefulness as far as I could. But it’s over. Only one earbud plays music now. The other just stares at me with its cold dead eyes, silent, mocking. I suppose I could keep listening to just the one side, but how annoying is that. Plus, the side that still works keeps shooting off these sort of buzzing electrical shocks which kind of hurt my ear. So yeah. I certainly most definitely need a new pair.


I can’t get the ones I really want, so I’m going to have to settle for something cheap and lame and not at all sexy or full of depths to puncture my works. I have to get headphones that play ordinary-sounding music for all the ordinary people and their ordinary ears. I curse the heavens and the hells. I shout “why me, universe? why give me ears of the finest making and then force me to use non-$500 headphones? why oh why?”

How am I supposed to live with those gorgeous Shures living their headphone life in someone else’s ears? Giving them all their splendidness, all their warmth, all their glory? I have to go to lousy best buy or something and buy superiorly inferior ear buds and I am not happy about this at all.

I blame McCain.

One should never have to deal with the death of one’s headphones while in the midst of some nasty PMS crankiness.

3 thoughts on “in the throes

  1. DG

    I say that we all throw in 20-30 dollars each..
    that should at least get her some phones in the 100 to 200 dollar range.. We could mail the money to Morgan since he’s cool about that stuff…

  2. christa

    that’s a nice thought DG, but not necessary.

    If I want those fancy headphones as bad as I say I do, I’ll find a way to get them. Don’t you worry.

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