happy super tuesday birthday!

okay so today not only happens to be super tuesday, you know, with all the voting and stuff, but also the birthday of my two good friends, marianne and theresa.
today we say happy birthday and also, happy voting! for m’s birthday present, I voted for obama. cause she’s all on the obama happy train, with his slick fancy celebrity videos and positive uplifting messages and hope-filled future. my girlness balked at not voting for hillary and my deeply ingrained racism screamed as I picked obama. but what can you do. a birthday is a birthday is a birthday.
I love this election so much. It’s gonna be an interesting day, an interesting year, an interesting november. I think I might start weeping when Bush finally has to leave. I get misty just thinking about it. I have a vague worry that he might pull a crazy texan yosemite sam gun shooting fit in which something catastrophic “happens”, thereby “granting” him the “power” to stay in office. It’s only a slight worry. But I had a “slight worry” in 2000 that he might be elected, and an even slighter worry in 2004 that he’d be reelected. That “man” finds new ways to confound me every moment he continues to breathe.
Okay I’ll stop using quotes.
happy bday M & T. I love you bitches!
Go democrats!

4 thoughts on “happy super tuesday birthday!

  1. christa

    well okay I sort of was posting from work, but via email. via email! I didn’t actually log in to wordpress or anything. I just emailed it.

    I think that’s pretty safe, right? RIGHT???

  2. Jonathan

    I’m not sure enough people gave marianne the same awesome present you did, christabelle. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I certainly voted for Obama on behalf of marianne, but it looks like the most of the racist women in American voted with their uteruses (uterii?) instead of asking themselves “wwmd?”

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