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posting pictures of my desktop is one of my most favorite things in all the world. I love subjecting people to my lovely whimsies.

omg. I just got an email from the IT guy about the “acceptable use” policy for internet/network use at work and I about had a heart attack, as my use of internet lately has been extremely umm… well not very work-friendly let’s say. I thought I was about to get a lecture, a stern talking-to, a warning, that the email was specifically aimed at me, and I was scared, very scared.

But sigh, it’s okay. I read the email, it was company-wide, and telling people not to waste the bandwidth for streaming video/music, downloading movies, etc., things I do not do. I am just totally inappropriate with my use of language, and of course checking email and/or writing stupid posts to this stupid site of mine, but very minor bandwidth usage. whew. But I think I shall stop posting to loafe from work, it’s probably not such a great idea.

So, last post from work ever! hope it was as fun for you as it was for me. let’s share a cig, shall we?

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