my gym boyfriend

Okay, so there’s this guy at the gym that I love very much and who needs to have my babies and have them very soon, or else I might die.



I saw him last week as I was leaving, so I tried to sneak a few pictures of him from my cell phone, and these were the best I could do (getting caught taking cell phone pics of people at the gym is a bit skeevy and pervy…posting them on your website is okay though). This guy is so cute it should be illegal.

And his body…my god. I’m not a big “hot body” kind of girl. But he is just so yummy, I can’t resist. He isn’t like super huge or ripped, but he’s strong strong so very strong, and achingly sexy. who is sexy at the gym? no one. no one but him. Sometimes he’ll wear a sweatshirt with a hood, and he’ll lift with the hood up… so sexy. and when he takes it off? oy vey. illegal, I tell you (I’m big into sweatshirts what can I say).

I’m very creepy about the whole thing, too. I can’t just be normal and glance at him periodically, appreciatively, quietly. No I have to be a fucking weirdo and stare at him maniacally, with my black burning eyeballs, thinking unthinkable things (oh and taking secret pictures of him with my phone). He’s caught me staring at him as he walks the floor, and I feel stupid and embarrassed but I can’t help it, when he’s around my eyes are run by an unstoppable force outside of my body’s control.

You know what else? He can do pullups, unassisted, a lot of them. That it turns me on as much as it does is strange, no? A guy who can whip out a set of pullups like that? Should that be sexy to me? Well, it is what it is. I don’t question, I just accept.

Now that I think about, there is an exceptionally high rate of cute guys at my gym. Either I live in some weird intersection of cuteness and poverty or my old gym was just full of a lot of uglies.

One thought on “my gym boyfriend

  1. DG

    I am so proud of you Christa..about your new HE MAN I wish I could do full pull ups… gives me something to pursue.
    And taking pictures.. be careful in the gym.. the last couple of Gyms I went to kick you out permanently for taking pictures.

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