okay fine, thin is NOT the new skinny.

I’ve decided against getting the macbook air, considering the considerable amount of derision I’ve received. apparently it’s not that great, not worth the money, and in fact isn’t even a computer, but just a little metal thing that opens and closes. apparently.

don’t be thinking I’ll use my money for good though. I’m still going to be horribly wasteful and ridiculous with it. My new project is to find what that will be.

I do need a new mac though as my current one is about to take flight, based upon the noise it emits and the fact that I’m going to launch it out the window any second now. you’d think my rather unsatisfactory experience with this mac (and my 2003-era ipod) would have turned me off from future purchases, but you don’t know me at all, do you?

And finally, for those of you who were concerned regarding my recent loafe downtime, it seems that these things they call “domains” have “expiration dates” and that the expiration date of my particular domain expired back in december. or so I thought. I quickly renewed, but loafe still wasn’t working. Hrm. I verified the whois data, and I saw the expiration date was now december of 2009, when really it should have been 2008, since I only renewed for one more year, see (2007 to 2008…) What this means is that my domain hadn’t actually expired, like I thought. Something else was wrong.

Well, it turns out I just had a bad rule in my htaccess file that suddenly went haywire. but my web host fixed it up real quick and now I just need to fix the whole default wordpress theme business, which I’m too lazy to do right now, even though it would only take me four or five clicks to do so.

I took Friday off from work, to help celebrate g’s birthday. We didn’t really do much but he did get a little bit of afternoon delight. You only turn 26 once, right? It’s been a nice three-day weekend.

one more thing before I go. I’ve discovered the precise time to stop letting your kid see you naked: Ry was in the room with me a few days ago when I was changing and he’s standing there watching me as I take off my shirt and then my bra. Then he looks at me and says, “Ooh, nice num-nums.” Thanks son. Thanks so much.

5 thoughts on “okay fine, thin is NOT the new skinny.

  1. PA Michelle

    You should check out the refurb area of the apple store. They have stuff cheaper than in the normal store and it is just as good. That’s where I got my macbook, and there is nothing wrong with it at all!

  2. PA Michelle

    Oh and btw, my friend baby-sat Gabby and Owen when I went out to lunch with a former co-worker last week (i’m an unemployed loser) and Gabby lifted up her shirt and said “BOOBIESSSSS!” How embarrassing. She’s headed for a stripper career for sure.

  3. Jonathan

    So they’re nice, eh? Dammit, now I feel even worse that you won’t send me a picture of them. Also, when Emma saw me naked she just laughed & said “daddy’s peepee is tiny!” Children can be so cruel.

  4. morgan

    Seriously, if you’re gonna spend that kind of coin on a computer – get a used Macbook Pro from eBay. Or just buy a PC and install Leopard on it.

  5. christa Post author

    the scary part of it is the WAY ryland said it, not just in the “kids are so cute” kind of way, but in a very appreciative way. like “heh ma, nice tits, good job.” seriously!

    thanks for the tips michelle and morgan!

    poor emma. poor emma’s mommy.

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