Starbucks of Judea ™ Travelmug


I was given the okay to enjoy my “random inappropriately religious” mug I picked up at Target in the after-christmas clearance sales. Here’s a picture so you can see why I love this thing as much as I do. Green tea has never tasted so rabbinical.

4 thoughts on “Starbucks of Judea ™ Travelmug

  1. gina

    dude! i hope you picked one up for my birthday. i would love to drink coffee out of that at my school.

  2. Jonathan

    How clearly I remember the book of Exodus, where the Jews were trapped in the hills for eight nights, and all they had to sustain themselves was a venti mocha latte.

  3. christa

    that must be why I don’t like jewish people–they remind me of coffee.

    no wait. that’s not right. I mean, this is why I don’t like coffee–they remind me of jewish people.

    no WAIT.

    umm, how about them patriots?

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