does my son want to have sex with me?

sneaky boy

So I’m wondering at what age/stage it starts to become inappropriate for my kid to see me naked. Is it three? Is it never appropriate? Is it when he goes to kindergarten? Or college? I just don’t know. And when is it inappropriate for him to see his father naked? Personally, I think it’s inappropriate for me to see his father naked, but that might be an issue I need to deal with in private.

I’m doing my best to put shame and fear of the naked human body in him at an early age, but sometimes I think I’m failing. He doesn’t absolutely love love love to be naked like many children I know, peeling his clothes off at every opportunity, but he still kind of doesn’t mind it.

He’s so sneaky, that boy, subverting me at every pass.

2 thoughts on “does my son want to have sex with me?

  1. Marianne

    It starts to become inappropriate the day you decide you don’t want him seeing you naked anymore. I think it is probably different for every kid/parent.

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