I was born and bred a Packer fan.

Hmmm. So it looks like things might be shaping into a repeat of the 1997 Superbowl, Packers vs Patriots. I was a wee one then, living it up in Costa Mesa. I even had a superbowl party. And by party I mean I sat on the couch in my cheesehead by myself. It was a very exciting time for us Wisconsinites, we were so pleased with the win. I think my mother had her 4th or 5th heart attack. That one was due to sheer joy though.

Now, should the Packers prevail in next week’s NFC title game, do I think they can triumph again in 2008 and get their 4th championship? Well, I would be happy to see it, but you know, these Patriots are sort of a tornado you can’t stop. Still, I think it will be a good game. I don’t think we need to worry about the Giants or the Chargers next week. my prediction: Green Bay vs New England in superbowl 42 (it IS superbowl 42, right? stupid roman numerals). It’s in the cards. The place where I was born (Wisconsin) vs the place where I live now (New England) playing in the place I call home (Arizona). Could god have planned it better?

Go green bay!

4 thoughts on “I was born and bred a Packer fan.

  1. Jonathan

    If God actually exists, and he is somehow involved in the superbowl, Tom Brady will end up accidentally having his spine crushed in the first quarter. And not like a gentle spine crushing, where someday you can eventually get errections again, even though you can’t feel them. I’m talking about the BAD kind of spinal crushing. I’m assuming that if this doesn’t happen, God doesn’t exist.

  2. christa

    you were there gina? I thought I invited you but you didn’t come. I even thought about making fun of the fact that I invited you but you were too good to come.

    But now that I think about it, I think I remember. You did come. and your brought your dog! peanut. is that right?

    I wasn’t alone! oh that’s so awesome. thanks GB. you’re the best. Wait, I guess it’s GF now. Thanks GF!

    And JR, you’re very funny. But I think that you are secretly in love with Tom Brady. such hatred can only mean that you love him.

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