I have a headache. and other scintillating minutiae.

I am very tired. and the edge of the couch is pushing unpleasantly right up into my butt crack and tailbone. and I suck at the xbox 360 katamari.

and I just discovered a hole in my favorite socks.

but I watched 28 days later for about the 87th time, and I gotta say…I think my love for mr. murphy has grown a bit more with each viewing. well, my love for the character “jim” as played by c.murphy. he can jam his fingers into my eyes and squishy brain any time he wants. and by jam his fingers in my eyes and brain I mean doing sexy things involving my naughty bits.

HEy did you know tiffany’s friend jay reminds me of peter krause, who stars in my new favorite TV show, dirty sexy money? we’re having a big old new year’s eve party and jay flew in special for the festivities. It’s a little sad though because I know that we’re going to have to get up super early on new year’s day to fly home to boston. sigh. jay’s arrival reminds me that I have to leave in two days. not only do I have to go back and deal with g’s stupid family, I have to leave all hungover and tired and sad.

And if all that other stuff just wasn’t enough to piss in your bed, I am also losing my fantasy football superbowl game in a most splendid fashion.

and of course, of course of course, the best thing of all… when you’re finally starting to feel okay with something that you once did not feel okay about, when you feel like the world might eventually settle down to some semblance of normal again and you’re ready to focus with renewed vigor on all the stupid crap that makes up the delicate fabric of your life, something has to happen to fuck it all up, something small, inconsequential even, ruining everything, so much deliberate effort and precious time just kicked right off the fucking cliff.

then you aren’t in that okay place anymore, where you think like a sane person. you are back to the paranoid nut barn, a place where you live and shit crazy, a place in which you refuse to get a flu shot or let your kid get one, even though the entire population of the earth tells you that you must do so, that is essential to your continued existence. you refuse because you’re positive these flu shots are doing nothing but setting the stage for an unstoppable Superflu, the kind of flu that makes zombies, or in the very least kills massive amounts of people and creating, well you know, the doomsday scenarios of my dreams. I loves me the doomsday.

but even if that doesn’t happen, even if the flu shots aren’t creating a superflu and spurring into action all my zombie survival skills, they are definitely injecting us all with tracking devices of some kind, so I am not getting a flu shot and neither is my kid, because I don’t need the government all up in my business and in my bloodstream.

so yeah.

moral of this story: don’t read loafe after I’ve had a long day and it’s way past my bedtime and with the bruins having lost 6 games in a row.

then again, the patriots won, and also managed to break about 100,000 NFL records that have been in place since jesus. not that that should make you read loafe either.

what are you doing here anyway?

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