I hate sushi. don’t take me to sushi, okay?

I also hate it when I’m rash and stupid and possibly drunk and do things like send mail I have no business sending. I would apologize to recipients of such mail, but eh. I don’t care that much.

I made it into the superbowl in my FFL and I’m pretty excited. It’s the greatest sporting achievement of my life. Well, besides the time I bowled a 215 in 6th grade.

tick tick tick. almost time to head to the land of frosty lime eegees and crazy mexicans. see you on the other side.

7 thoughts on “I hate sushi. don’t take me to sushi, okay?

  1. DG

    Oh happy day… I passed my last class with an A!!
    I now hold a certificate in VB2005!!
    Plus a BA in Economics from 1984

  2. DG

    Tiffany, thanks again… It turns out, once they where looking at my transcripts from 23 years ago, that I actually qualify for the Associates of applied science in Visual Basic Programming. A good way to freshen up old credentials!!!

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