bored? come get drunk with me

After work today, the publisher of our little boat magazine is taking us out for drinks. Not sure why, but I am never one to turn down free drinks. Should be fun.

Then we’re in for a pretty dull Wed and Thursday. But Friday lovely Friday brings us a holiday lunch here at Boats Galore mag, which will surely include more gratis drinks, followed by Friday evening and the christamas party for my previous job, to which I’ve been invited, despite the fact that I no longer work there. This means yet more free alcohol.

I love the holidays.

As I’m sure I’ve said a thousand times, it was at just such a party back in 2003 that I got myself knocked up. Well not at the party, but after the party, later, in the bedroom, where bedroom things take place.

Ahhh, my little ry, conceived in a loving haze of pot smoke, my reproductive senses condemned to a dark corner due to the magical spell placed upon me by the alluring and wicked stoli doli. A stoli doli, by the way, is a tasty beverage where a bunch of pineapple slices (Dole) have been soaked in vodka (Stoli) for a long period of time, resulting in a drink with no purpose whatsoever but to get you quickly and dangerously inebriated.

We are not going to the same place this year, but chances are good there might be some babymaking happening later on. I’m ovulating you know!

I kid, I kid. No more babies. Unless Matt Damon is free.

Then, in one week, we head to the west coast for more holiday fun and more alcohol. Should my plane crash on the way back to Boston, I’m okay with that.

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