Wednesday Bitchery

The universe loves chaos but also balance. I don’t think these two are at odds.

So while Thursdays are devoted to finding the divine, Wednesdays are for recognizing the shit. I think this is a great idea. You can’t have the divine if you don’t have the profane. We have my BFF Marianne to thank for Thursday Divinity, and my BFF’s sister Melissa for Wednesday Bitchery. thanks M & M, for giving loafe a bit of equilibrium.

I think I’m going to have an abundance of WB, and a dearth of TD; ’tis my nature to complain, not to be thankful.

My anger today is at being ignored. There is nothing so insulting. If someone wants to tell me to fuck off or eat shit, I’d much prefer that than being disregarded. Acknowledge me, motherfucker. At least have the balls, be man enough, to tell me. Fucking pussy.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Bitchery

  1. gina

    well, this might cheer you up. i just took a test that i studied for. i mean really studied for. and, it was open book. and i just completely bombed it. i have cold sores too. and do you know how much the medicine is that i can’t afford that would keep me from getting them? $384. Can you believe that shit?

  2. christa Post author

    How do you know you bombed it? you always say you did horrible and then you get your grade and find out you did great.

    are you serious though? $384 dollars? what the fuck medicine is this? can it be found in mexico? I am going to tucson in two weeks.

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