my grief shall know no limits

There are many things in this world to be upset about, many tragedies, big and small, to enrapt and entrap us all.

Should Jacoby Ellsbury be traded for Minnesota’s lefty, J. Santana, I just don’t know how I’ll be able to wake up anymore. I read a letter from a fan who said it best, that fans want to win the World Series of course, but that we also want to enjoy watching the 162 games that get us there, and Ellsbury has a certain kind of magic in him, has it spades. You won’t find a single fan in New England who doesn’t love that kid, who doesn’t love to watch him swinging his bat, running the bases, or just standing out in center. It’s okay if the Sox don’t have every elite player available. Sometimes, it is about pleasing the fans, the ones who line up to pay the ticket prices and buy the merchandise. I get that sports is a business and blah blah blah. I get it, okay? I still hope to see Theo et al. do the right thing. Please let them just be driving up the price for the yankees, please please.

I know I asked for a tragedy to help distract me, but not of this magnitude. I was thinking more like a parental death or a sibling dismemberment. Not losing Jacoby to the freaking Twins.

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