my old loafes!

So you know how I was missing a period of loafe entries, from approx. 19 of feb, 2001 till the 4th of Dec, 2003, about 300 total? well okay you probably didn’t know this, but it’s true. And since reading loafe is one of my favorite pastimes, it was troubling. I was up to a lot of things back then, interesting pre-baby, single-christa things. What was she like, that girl? what sort of retarded embarrassing things are waiting to be relived? who knows! I couldn’t get at them.

Until now! Because I found them. Well, technically, I always knew where they were, I just didn’t know how to get at them. Then, a few minutes ago, as I played around in my database (not a euphemism for something dirty, although that’s good), I stumbled on all of them, in their entirety, including quotes! eee!

I feel whole again.

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