shure or save?

Okay. So I have the money to buy my much desired Shure headphones. I have more, in fact, since I found them cheaper through an amazon seller. So, should I buy them? Or should I be smart and sensible and save the money for christmas presents? or a rainy day? or ryland? put the cash in a CD? put it towards a new Mac? get myself a new ipod touch? xbox 360? a keurig? save it for amsterdam next year? san carlos? so little dollars, so many things to use it on.

We’re getting out early today because it’s thanksgiving. Plus we get the next two days off. I gotta get my haircut and then head home and make my pies and mentally prepare for tomorrow with g’s family. let’s be thankful I am all stocked up on mind-numbing and mood-altering drugs.

happy thanksgiving kids, see ya next year!

wait, umm, it isn’t christmas. okay, so I’ll probably be back later today, and tomorrow and Friday and sat & sun too. I have nothing better to do with myself. I’m certainly not going to waste my days off by spending quality time with my child or my ball and chain. sheesh.

I’ll leave you with a screenshot of my desktop at work.

my desktop at work

16 thoughts on “shure or save?

  1. Jonathan

    Open up an Ameritrade account (it’s easy & free) and put $500 in a stock (email me & I’ll send you the name). The value will double every four years, so when Ry turns 18 you can give him $8,000 and send him on his way in life.

  2. DG

    part of me says.. do what you want..spend money frivolously screw everyone around you for your own luxury and pleasure….The other part says Morgan and Jonathan’s advise are sound, sensible and sage.
    But hey….. its your life….

  3. christa Post author

    18 frigging years and all he gets is $8000? in 2022, 8K will be like
    $80 to us today. better I waste the money on myself and save him the embarrassment.

    so is it this kind of responsible and smart thinking that made your wallet so thick and hearty, JR? fine I will email you.

    how about this morgan? I will buy your mac laptop for $500 and you can take that cash and buy yourself a walmart computer and put OSX on it, okay? okay.

  4. Tiffany

    Ummmm, no. No WalMart laptops. None. No. Nada. No. Besides, I love my Mac!!!!!!!! No stock info for Tiffles???


  5. Jonathan

    $8,000 is astonishinly little for 16 frigging years (not 18 – your boy’s not zero years old!). Think of it instead as a 1600% return on your investment. 1) It’ll seem like more that way, and 2) it’ll make you feel worse for not having put more money in to begin with. I mean, fuck, that’s a pretty good return on your money, if you were putting $5K in instead of $500 you’d have $80K at the end of it. And yeah, inflation sucks, but it’s not going to go up 1600%!

  6. morgan

    I gotta say… I agree with DG on this one… Shure makes great stuff… and I’m “shure” their $99 headphones are probably pretty good. Yeah??

  7. DG

    Well Christa’s $500 ones are Shures, but they apparently have a lot of good ones in a wide price range. You really need to find a distributor and try them out before one can say that even if you can tell the difference between the 100 dollar ones and thew 500 dollar one. At my age and the amount of rock that has pounded into my ears I doubt I could.

  8. gina

    you don’t need these. buy a plane ticket to lynchburg so we can do that 10k in richmond this spring. it is guaranteed to make you skinny. are those shure headphones gonna do that?

  9. christa Post author

    i am doing that 10k in richmond no matter what, so replacing the headphones with a plane ticket is pointless.

    and yes, I think that shure headphones will make me skinny. I know it. they will make every facet of my life infinitely better. have you read the reviews?

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