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We have one of those Keurig coffee makers at work, and I never much cared until I discovered it also brews tea! I love those cute little k-cups, and you can get all sorts of flavors. Now I want one for home, because who wants to sit around and wait for water to boil in a teakettle? That is so 1998. You can also do hot chocolate. And probably other things too.

Genius invention.

The one at work has a direct water line, which is pretty sweet, cause we’ll have to manually fill up the water tank if I get one for home. SIGH. also, the one at works automatically takes the empty k-cup and sticks it in a little reservoir, all on its own. we’ll have to manually remove each cup before brewing another cup. SIGH. but you can buy this fancy new Keurig that also includes a reusable k-cup, so you can grind up whatever coffee you want, like say dunkin donuts. or as ryland likes to call it dunkin dunks. This is a nice feature for gordon, he’s a big time coffee drinker. I just like the little cups and making tea in like a minute. that’s so awesome.

ooohh! I’m also very quite excited because I figured out how to make my own ringtones. I didn’t realize how easy it was. I can do it straight from itunes, just clip out an excerpt from whatever song I want, then email the new file to my phone. It took about 12 hours for the message to get delivered to my phone, but at least it works. No more $2.99 for lame tones, ha! take that stupid verizon.

My first homemade ringtone was from lebanese blonde by thievery corporation.

I don’t know why these two things are so exciting for me. I live an incredibly boring life, what can I say.

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