Your depths made a pressure that punctured my works

I’ve got to tell you loafe, I am getting crazy for those $500 headphones. You have no idea. I can’t stop thinking about them, how much better they are than anything I have, all the great things those headphones can bring to my life, how deliciously cozy they’ll be, slipping into my ears and engulfing me, their warm sweetness swirling around in my eardrums, licking my canals, dripping their plump juicy notes into my cochlea, vibrating with deep bass and pure crystalline treble.

I’m here at work, trying to concentrate, wearing these stupid lousy ear buds that cost me $40 or something lame like that, and I hate them. They make nothing drip, vibrate, dance. They do their job, sure. I can hear my music and it’s okay I suppose, nothing fancy or special, but at least they’re here for me when I need them. They don’t hurt me and they are here, right here, offering me their simple, basic, loyal sound, this very second. No longing, no waiting, no desire.

But these ears of mine, oh how they ache. They have a taste for the exotic, they’ve seen behind the curtain, and they are craving and yearning for so much more than ordinary.

They know, we know, all that is missing. So much mystery, so much rich sonic pleasure, residing just above and below me, but I can’t get at it, not from this place where me and my current headphones sit, this area of serviceable, unadorned sound.

But those $500 headphones? I know they can bring me to such great heights, I know this, and I must have them. owning them is the only thing that will quiet the fury inside me.

10 thoughts on “Your depths made a pressure that punctured my works

  1. gina

    I bet those earphone don’t sound $460 better than your earphones – everything looks perfect from far away.

    Instead, buy some cute clothes. I think new clothes and shoes are a better option.

  2. Jonathan

    If you’re considering buying $500 headphones to listen to mp3s, you’re probably in for a little disappointment. But on the other hand, if you’re considering buying a $500 plane ticket to meet me somewhere for crazy illicit sexual congress, then you are DEFINITELY in for a little disappointment.

    Cause I’m lousy in bed.

  3. christa Post author

    Marianne: Thanks! you always got my back, girl. but DG just doesn’t love me like he used to, no he doesn’t. that’s what happens when you have a baby.

    tiffany: we should get together when I’m in tucson. the three of us.

    gina: you’re lace and I’m leather. you’re country I’m rock and roll. you’re lipstick and I’m chapstick. what can we do. we’d make a good lesbian couple though.

    jonathan: you are such a big fat liar. first, don’t ruin my $500 headphones fantasy. second, don’t try to deflect me with your “i’m lousy in bed” comments, like I believe it for even half a second. at the very least, you can just throw greenbacks around on the bed, and it would probably be the hottest time I’ve had in a while.

  4. Jonathan

    Just so that no one thinks we didn’t notice: Christa made a reference to the Postal Service’s Such Great Heights at the end of her post & Gina responded that “every looks perfect from far away,” which is a quote from that same song. Jesus you two, why don’t you just skip the verbal foreplay and get to the crazy sapphic pleasures already? No seriously. Start making out.

  5. DG

    I think it would be cheaper to fly Jonathan to her bedside..and after she lies there pleasured..and momentarily content..Jonathan is off to LA…she still wouldn’t have those $500.00 headphones….

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