good old boston.

I am really going to miss Boston when I leave. I love this city, bad weather and all.

Loafe kisses you Boston, even in the dirty spots.

I was thinking maybe I should name my baby Boston, in honor of the city and the place he was conceived. I think it&#146s not such a bad idea.

7 thoughts on “good old boston.

  1. gina

    bad idea. would people call him boss for short? like boss hog? or what about the music group? remember more than a feeling and amanda? don’t do it!

  2. DG

    Bosthor, it sounds like an ancient deity….
    A part of Madridian mythology…..
    I like Christopher myself, or Tiffany Jr/II.

  3. Neely dunkin donuts? the number one donut/coffee shop in boston?…i can dig it. i think christa sista needs to name the baby after something from boston.

    dunkin would be appropriate. how about emerson, since that’s where she went? or uhm..ahhh…brighton? her first apartment was there.

    or we could do Adam, though it is “common”, she does live on adams st and i’m willing to bet that she and gordon were home when they did the deed that created this blessing. or i’m all for neil. not many people have that name. and aside from gordon, i’m her most favorite friend here. ( i’m being facetious of course. -ish. )

    we could always look to the person that inspired the title of this site…walt!! but then people would think like walt disney….such decisions. i’m glad i don’t have to make this one…