everyone hates boston sports right now

So we all know that the Red Sox beat the Cleveland Indians and are headed to the world series. the city has gone wild. Because of the Sox of course, but also because of the Patriots, and BC, and the new Celtics lineup. Even the Bruins are getting a little sportscenter love!

With such success comes much anger. Here is a very funny column courtesy of jonathan about the reasons why it’s okay, in fact necessary, to hate NE sports fans. It’s very funny, even if you aren’t familiar with Boston or the New England area or sports even. Well okay maybe it’s not funny if you don’t like sports. or swear words.

3 thoughts on “everyone hates boston sports right now

  1. Jonathan

    It’s funny ’cause it’s true. I would trade seven blowjobs for a serious injury to Tom Brady’s knee right now. And I don’t really like giving blowjobs.

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