Rub often.


We’re rubbing lucky pennies from 1918 & 2004. You know, the last 2 world series wins by the sox. So grab yourself some pennies & get rubbing. Or we will be forced to watch the indians play the rockies. In the WORLD SERIES. not a spring training game, friends & foes. The world effing series. it will be Snooze Fest 2007.

2 thoughts on “Rub often.

  1. Jonathan

    I’ve been rubbing my lucky penis for a while now but it’s starting to get sore. Wait… what? Oh. My mistake. Please ignore the previous sentences.

  2. christa

    you’re funny, JR.

    but in all seriousness, keep rubbing that lucky penis, sore or not, because it might be helping the Sox win. If you stop now, all hell could break loose.

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