my photos on flickr

I upload pics of all types of stupid shit on an almost half-assed regular basis to flickr. okay it isn’t really even half-assed regular. now and then I add photos. You should check it out if you want to see what my boring stupid life looks like.

I use the word stupid to describe many things. I need to broaden my vocab. and also go to bed. and change my tampon!

hmm. maybe change the plug before I go to bed though.

peace out.

haha, I’m teaching ryland to say that. he’ll tap his chest with his fist twice and then stick his hand out with the peace symbol and say “peace out” only it sounds more like “pee out”. still it’s funny and cute. and also, tell gordon to let me buy him a pair of converse. they are so effing cute I might die.

2 thoughts on “my photos on flickr

  1. Tiffany

    Teach Ryland to say, “Fo shizzle”. Now hearing that come out of a 3 year old’s mouth is hilarious! I taught it to Colin and it makes me laugh every single time.

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