train teeth

Yesterday going home on the train, someone had colored in a few of the teeth of a person on an advertisement poster, so it looked like he was missing teeth. I didn’t want to find it funny, but I did. I always do. It’s so silly. It makes me laugh.

Yes, missing teeth makes me laugh, now you know the truth. My sense of humor isn’t so refined after all.

So anyway, there I am on rush-hour train, trying to control myself, because you look weird when you’re by yourself on the train, listening to headphones, laughing like a crazy person.

The only solution was to avoid looking at the poster and just close my eyes and keep my focus. But I can’t do that, because the lady standing next to me is short, shorter than me even, and her big giant bag keeps smacking into me, over and over, pushing into me the whole time, and my eyes keep going back to the poster, and the train is super crowded and everyone is really close to each other, and the whole situation was just so ridiculous with the missing teeth and the bag jamming against me like a dirty old man, the people sitting in front of me getting a direct view of my crotch and/or breasts, depending on their height…I couldn’t take it. I was literally shaking from keeping in the laughter, tears leaking from my eyes.

I finally caved and just started laughing. If I didn’t I would have peed my pants. People gave me looks, but it was too funny. That stupid little lady with her stupid bag bigger than her. The train jerking everywhere. People bumping into each other. The missing teeth.

Life is absurd and sometimes if you don’t laugh you will start stabbing people with little nail clippers.

4 thoughts on “train teeth

  1. Marianne

    I think the myth of your refined sense of humor was firmly debunked in the last post wherein you admitted humor in taking pictures of your food.

  2. christa

    true enough. stupid dumb immature things make me laugh very very hard. like america’s funniest home videos.

    but so does smart funny classy things! like arrested development! I score points for that, right?

  3. Marianne

    actually, I laughed pretty hard picturing this post…..I get that way sometimes while driving…something will just occur to me and I’ll start laughing. I always think to myself that surely nobody thinks I’m crazy, because for all they know I’m laughing at something on the radio, right? Right. But I guess you don’t have that on the train. Just put your headphones on…..for all they know you are listening to a fabulous comedian on your ipod, right? Right.

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